Education alone won’t wash with OMO

Some way of compelling shopping around for the Open Market Option is needed. I’m certainly not against education but I’m afraid it’s simply delusional to suggest that more education alone is the answer to the failure of OMO (not to be confused with OMO, which works well on grubby things).

“users don’t want to read instructions, they want to know where to click” 

Online form developers know a thing or two about how real people deal with real tasks and choices. These days it’s just so easy to buy or book things online, isn’t it? That’s no fluke. The best in the business know that users don’t want to read instructions, they want to know where to click. That’s what you do with forms: fill in the appropriate word or number and click; continue in the same fashion to the end. It’s not just a theory devised in a pub. These developers know this because of clever eye-tracking technology: they test their forms and check out how you respond. It doesn’t involve reading instructions, regardless of whether the user is male or female, and no ruling from the ECJ was required.

The way Joe and Josephine Public get through everything in life and cope with all the complexity is by proverbially “just clicking”. We all do it, although perhaps not quite so much in our own field of work. Any solution to the daily OMO disaster needs to recognise this reality. That’s why I say Open Market Obligation.


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