The Fall and Rise of Sipphound

Time for a swim?

I’m sure, like me, you’re old enough to remember the energy of Leonard Rossiter and the eccentric character he played, Reggie Perrin. (I’m confident too that, working in pensions, we’re allowed to talk about age.) Well, in a matter of days it will be time for Sipphound to stop battling with C.J., take a trip down to the east coast and doggy-paddle out to sea. Of course, I’ll turn around and doggy-paddle back pretty sharpish – the North Sea is rather bracing in April! I’ll then head much further inland, not stopping until I’ve cleared the west of London.

I think I should say, for those who remember the Reggie Perrin plot well (or who followed the hyperlink to Wikipedia), that the link is a thoroughly over-stretched one: I have no secretary, I don’t write condescending letters (or emails) to customers and I’m not going to walk around any lion enclosures, to pick but-3 examples. Some may be disappointed by such lack of rebelliousness and eccentricity but I think it’s only right that I do not needlessly worry my soon-to-be new employer!

Ah! I’ve gone and blown it. Yes, I’m leaving a certain SIPP provider after almost 12 years. Sipphound is not disappearing though. Unlike in Reggie’s case, Mrs Sipphound and our pups are in on the plan right from the start; I’m staying in financial services and we’re all fired up about it! Part of the new role will mean keeping a dogged eye on SIPPs and pensions. So “plus ça change, plus c’est le meme chose” might have been a better title but I thought this one was more eye-catching!

I’ll follow up with a few thoughts based on my time provider-side. No exposé – this isn’t NoTW – rather some challenges on how we might look at the last golden decade or more in SIPPs.

I didnt get where I am today without riding my run-away success

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Chewing over pensions, saving and retirement issues. Sniffing around financial planning, personal finance, investing and behavioural influences. All personal opinions, no company represented and no advice given.
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