Learning the Wrong Lessons

This chap is on holiday in Hong Kong and he’s just ticked off one of the tourist classics – he’s had a suit made. He goes back to his Kowloon hotel to show his wife and, to his surprise, she hits the roof! For when he tries it on, she is accosted by a tailoring train-wreck. The jacket arms are uneven and twisted; the trouser legs are, if anything, worse. The seams, the pleats, the lapels, the collar: it’s a contorted, mangled mess from start to finish. Nothing hangs straight. She sends him hot-footing it back to Tsim Sha Tsui to confront the tailor.

Back in the shop, the tailor takes one look at the guy in his suit and declares “Your posture is all wrong!” and gets to work. “Ok, turn your right foot inwards. That’s it, just a dash more. Perfect! Now, bend your left leg a bit. Great! Can you twist your waist just slightly to your right … stop! And stick your bum out a bit. There you go – now look!” The man looks in the mirror and sure enough the trouser legs now hang perfectly straight and even.

Did the wife like it, sir? I bet she did, sir!

“Let’s sort your jacket out” says the tailor. “First thing, lift your left shoulder and drop the right.” Straight away, the jacket looks better. “Ok, hold your left arm in front of you and let your right arm drop down by your side. Nearly there. Right, last thing, I want you to tilt your head back a bit … dash more … there you go: perfection!” The man looks in the mirror again and sure enough the suit looks absolutely immaculate.

“It’s very important that you maintain your posture” cautions the tailor and he gets the man to practise walking back and forth in front of the big mirror, all the while maintaining this posture. Five minutes later he’s got it off to a tee and the tailor sends him on his way.

As the man is making his way – slowly and awkwardly – down Nathan Road, he is spotted by two doctors on the other side of the road. “Look at that chap over there near the pedestrian crossing” says one to his colleague. “What is your diagnosis of his medical condition?”

The other doctor watches him for a few moments. “Hmm … there are quite a few things it could be but it’s really not possible to give a diagnosis.” Then he adds “Mind you, one thing is for sure: he has the most marvellous tailor!”

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