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I write for people in pensions – so people like financial planners, investment professionals, people working for pension providers, consultants, researchers, industry commentators and trade journalists. I’m afraid I do not write for the general public.

My aim is to look at pensions from different angles and make you think. I have approximately 12 years’ experience in pensions plus experience in marketing, research and gaming (a bit different but great for insights on behaviour!).  I love writing and am fascinated by the behavioural finance / consumer psychology disciplines.

I certainly don’t know it all and you may not agree with me so feel free to give the comment facility a go.  You can get notified by email when there’s new content by subscribing. It’s all automated thanks to the wonders of WordPress.

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I know the site looks very home-made – it is! It’s not supposed to be big corporate gloss but maybe one day I’ll spruce it up a bit … I’m just not ready to commit to when!