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Education alone won’t wash with OMO

Some way of compelling shopping around for the Open Market Option is needed. I’m certainly not against education but I’m afraid it’s simply delusional to suggest that more education alone is the answer to the failure of OMO (not to be … Continue reading

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Doing our job is not a priority, says tPR

Annuities are the ideal way for a great many pension scheme members to take their benefits, drawdown-loving sipphound makes no bones about it. Yet they are under-appreciated. So when I see the Pension Regulator saying in Money Marketing that the … Continue reading

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Drawdown or annuity: do folks know what they are doing?

My e-friend (have I just coined a new phrase?) Henry Tapper recently challenged how many people in drawdown really know what they are doing. Follow the link if you’d like to check it out for yourself. If you’d prefer a … Continue reading

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