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For everything else, there’s flexible drawdown …

Just how flexible could flexible drawdown get? Once the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR) has been met, flexible drawdown comes with no limits on the amount that can be withdrawn or the frequency of withdrawals. What might pension – and in … Continue reading

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Rising interest in falling interest – how interesting!

It’s been common knowledge for quite a while that many SIPP providers do not pass on the full rate of interest they receive on cash on deposit to their plan holders. Every now and then this story does the rounds. … Continue reading

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Do SIPP providers get social media?

I was recently asked this and I think the answer is no, not yet. Arguably there are good examples such as @pensionsmonkey on Twitter (sometimes technical and hot-off-the-press, sometimes wickedly irreverent). But such examples are personal, not across a whole … Continue reading

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