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The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Risk Attitudes of Investment Advisers

Welcome to a guest blog, based on recent, original research conducted among over 300 investment advisers by Newcastle University student Jessica Fox for her dissertation. (If you would like to know more about Jessica’s research, please do use the link … Continue reading

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All in it together

Being “in it together” makes things easier when the going gets tough. David Cameron appealed to this when he vowed to tackle the deficit, albeit that some have since tried to turn it against him. In pension terms, employees were … Continue reading

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Play Your Cards Right

You may be surprised to learn that many years ago I was a casino manager. For those who know no better, this conjures all sorts of visions: Vegas, excitement, Robert De Niro and gangsters. I can assure you, they are … Continue reading

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United States of Europe – a problem shared is a problem denied

The single currency is a Ponzi scheme on steroids. The Eurozone has become hugely bloated and muscle-bound with debt. It’s a highly unstable – and unsustainable – situation. Yet many are advocating debt mutualisation across the Eurozone and a single … Continue reading

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How consumers really decide

Appalled by the FSA’s belief that key features illustrations and the requirements set out in its consultation paper CP12/05 (chapter 5 -pension scheme disclosure proposals) will actually help consumers make good decisions, I produced this real-world, personal example of how consumers really make decisions … Continue reading

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Expect important stuff to end up under the carpet

It’s just over 5 weeks since the Sipphound family moved house and I’m feeling the urge to look back, survey the muddle, poke some fun at myself and draw a serious lesson out. Plenty of people have told me how … Continue reading

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Effect of Charges or Enormous Obstacle to Contributions?

As if it weren’t already hard enough to get people to give up instant gratification to save for their retirement, pension illustrations come with a piece of absolute hocus pocus surely designed to finish the job of putting people off: … Continue reading

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Stop Throwing Stones at Auto-enrolment

There’s something of a pensions apartheid in this country, particularly between the public and private sectors. It’s not just a DB vs DC thing or unfunded vs funded: for millions of workers it’s a pension vs nothing thing. From about … Continue reading

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Do consumers need a kick up the arse?

There’s an awful lot going on in financial services and, a week or so ago, I was contemplating it all. “Aided” by the then warm, humid weather and mandated business attire in an office with no air conditioning or fans, … Continue reading

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Don’t be a chicken: make a decision!

Everywhere we look these days, there’s choice – so much choice (and complexity). In fact, we are positively tormented by it. No wonder we put off doing some things. I hate shopping, I admit it (I’m such a bloke). Me, … Continue reading

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