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Effect of Charges or Enormous Obstacle to Contributions?

As if it weren’t already hard enough to get people to give up instant gratification to save for their retirement, pension illustrations come with a piece of absolute hocus pocus surely designed to finish the job of putting people off: … Continue reading

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Rioting or Celebrating?

Last month it was riots, yesterday it was FTSE 100 executives’ pensions. Is our society unfair? And are we doing better or worse in pensions? Forget the (welfare-abusing) rioters’ distracting talk of expense-claiming politicians or bailed out banksters, here’s a … Continue reading

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Do consumers need a kick up the arse?

There’s an awful lot going on in financial services and, a week or so ago, I was contemplating it all. “Aided” by the then warm, humid weather and mandated business attire in an office with no air conditioning or fans, … Continue reading

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Illustrations: 4 ways to mislead your clients

Forget CP11/03 or the Board for Actuarial Standards TM1, let’s take a step back, so we can see the wood for the trees, and ask a disarmingly simple question: what are illustrations for? Most would probably answer (1) to show … Continue reading

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Doing our job is not a priority, says tPR

Annuities are the ideal way for a great many pension scheme members to take their benefits, drawdown-loving sipphound makes no bones about it. Yet they are under-appreciated. So when I see the Pension Regulator saying in Money Marketing that the … Continue reading

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A picture tells a thousand words

We’ve heard the saying a thousand times. Yet, when I look at pensions, which is most days, I see thousands of words and very few pictures. Just recently I had to do a little routine maintenance on our washing machine … Continue reading

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