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Nothing in between Capped and Flexible? I can’t Adam & Eve it!

I’d like to share with you the extraordinary tale of two 60-year-old retirees, born on the exact same day. They are both in capped drawdown and they have both just received notification of their new income limits. Neither is happy. … Continue reading

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Learning the Wrong Lessons

This chap is on holiday in Hong Kong and he’s just ticked off one of the tourist classics – he’s had a suit made. He goes back to his Kowloon hotel to show his wife and, to his surprise, she … Continue reading

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Talking Rubbish

I have come to a startling realisation: it is just incredible how little attention we pay to detail, how imprecise we are, how much rubbish we inadvertently talk.

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Smashing Milestones

Today our family celebrates something that nearly everyone seems to call a “milestone” for my dad. To tell the truth, I don’t think he’s that excited about it – the “milestone” thing, I mean, not the family gathering. Milestones don’t … Continue reading

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Illustrations: 4 ways to mislead your clients

Forget CP11/03 or the Board for Actuarial Standards TM1, let’s take a step back, so we can see the wood for the trees, and ask a disarmingly simple question: what are illustrations for? Most would probably answer (1) to show … Continue reading

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